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I Am... Affirmation Deck

I Am... Affirmation Deck

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Product Description

Presenting the Edi "I Am..." Affirmation Deck.

Type:  A very eco-friendly product, we do not want to burden the Earth in any way. The pack contains 70 Positive affirmations, 4 Self-Care cards and 12 Monthly planners that can easily fit in your pocket, or add to your workstation aesthetic when placed on the cute little wooden wedge that comes with it. It is scientifically proven that positive affirmations can bring about a brilliant change in you when you see it or say it every single day for just as little time as a month. Go ahead and use this product to see an exponential change in yourself :)  What's more? The paper can be sowed and watered for a surprise plant that will start popping out in your garden. The paper that is used for this is a mix of Chillies, Tomato, and Basil that can thrive in any weather condition. Yayyy, isn't it exciting? 

Estimated Order Processing Time: 15 days Estimated Delivery Time: Metros: 3 - 5 days Rest of India: 4 - 7 days (Deliveries may take longer than usual due to COVID-19 and we are working hard on our timelines to get your product delivered to you as early as we can)

  • Skin Loving: Say No to Harsh Chemicals
  • Eco-Friendly: Mother Earth Approved
  • Made-To-Order: Delivery in 7-10 days
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