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Postivi-TEA Colored Mug

Postivi-TEA Colored Mug

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Product Description

Presenting the Edi Swag collection. Show off your swag with our widest range of quirky, cool, trendy products

Type:  11 Oz (330 ml) Inner colored Ceramic, Gloss finish mug along with a colored rim, and handle which is also, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

Estimated Order Processing Time: 3-6 days Estimated Delivery Time: Metros: 3 - 5 days Rest of India: 4 - 7 days (Deliveries may take longer than usual due to COVID-19 and we are working hard on our timelines to get your product delivered to you as early as we can)

  • Skin Loving: Say No to Harsh Chemicals
  • Eco-Friendly: Mother Earth Approved
  • Made-To-Order: Delivery in 7-10 days
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